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ICOM F5020

  • Advanced Signaling
    MDC1200: PTT ID, Emergency (no ACK), Radio Check (RX only), Stun (RX only), Revive (RX only), 5 alias tables
    BIIS1200: PTT ID TX function
    Standard: CTCSS, DTCS, 2-tone, 5-tone, DTMF Encode

    Advanced Scanning
    Scan List (10+1), Free Scan Configuration, Triple-watch, Mode Dependent Scan, Auto Scan, Power On Resume Scan, Zone Scan, Nuisance Delete, Up/Down Key while Scanning

    Improved Control Commands
    The new optional OPC-1939 ACC cable provides the ignition sensing function, external memory channel control (up to 16ch) as well as the external PTT, horn honk, audio output and modulated signal input.

    Improved Specifications All Round
    Improved 2-Tone decode accuracy (2%), Faster CTCSS/DTCS decoding, 70MHz frequency range in UHF, ±2.5ppm frequency stability in VHF/UHF, Embedded ESN, Lone worker, Remote revive in 2-tone/5-tone, etc.

    Retains Features of IC-F110/F210 Series
    128 Channel/8 Zones, 8-character LCD, 25/45/50W output power (depending on version), Front facing speaker, 4W Audio output, 6 programmable keys. MIL-STD 810F durability
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