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  • Installs quickly and is easy to operate
    Easy-to-use siren tone and light controls are built into the siren's hand-held microphone
    Microphone-controlled siren amplifier and light functions
    100W siren delivers up to 60-amps of total current switching capacity
    Rubberized push buttons mimic 3-position progressive slide switch control
    Backlit/rubberized microphone control head
    Modular plug-n-play design includes remote ON/OFF-PA volume control box with amplifier and mic/controller mounts
    Microprocessor-based amplifier with plug-and-play connections
    Approvals: S.A.E. J1849
    Input Voltage: 11VDC to 15VDC
    8 10-amp light and Aux relay positions
    100-watt output
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